Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

  • Resolve childhood trauma that negatively impacts your adult life.

  • Heal post-traumatic stress from sexual violation

  • Lead an authentic life guided by your body, your healthy emotions and a personal value system.

  • Develop a value-based life vision.

Personal Training in a Private Studio

  • Body composition and fitness assessment

  • Personal coaching for aerobic fitness, resistance training, flexibility, core and proprioception

  • Rehabilitation programs for post-op recovery

Health Coaching:

  • Overcoming Emotional Eating

  • Empowering you to deal with your weight & health related problems such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, stress, high blood pressure, etc.

  • Create a health-based vision.

  • Provide education on the health benefits of balancing “blood sugar” levels through nutrition.

  • Create a nutrition plan that embraces your lifestyle and challenges.

  • Motivational coaching (4-week, 6-week, 8- week plans) to reach and maintain your goals.

Corporate Workshops

  • Nutrition basics and ‘done for you’ meal plans.

  • Sharing is caring “No More Secrets” theme provides a safe place for people to share and own their life story, free from shame, guilt and judgement.

  • Emotional health and wellness assessments and education on how to manage “life stress” and take back control of your body.